If we have to be force fed another installment in the Final Destination series, at least we’re getting a credible director. According to Variety, New Line has hired Steven Quale to direct the next 3-D horror sequel, Final Destination 5. Quale has spent the majority of his career working alongside Oscar winner James Cameron on several of his most successful films, which means he learned from the best.

The screenplay for Final Destination 5 is being written by Eric Heisserer (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and production is scheduled to begin on September 13th. Specifics regarding the plot haven’t been revealed but the opening scene is said to include “a suspension bridge and another scene involving laser eye surgery.” It kind of worries me that they’re more concerned with outlandish horror gags than the overall story but what would you expect?

A little history on Quale: He was recruited out of USC film school by Cameron and began working as a P.A. on his flick, The Abyss. He also worked on the special effects for Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Avatar, and directed Superfire and Aliens of the Deep.

When someone of Cameron’s stature gives you his stamp of approval you’d think amazing projects would be flying your way. I wonder if the decision to direct this film was based on money because Final Destination isn’t really a creative challenge unless he wants to design cool new ways to kill people.

Do you think Quale made the right decision taking on Final Destination 5?