Any time I hear a new Indiana Jones 5 rumor, I think of the South Park episode where Spielberg and Lucas rape Indie. It looks like Indie had better keep his pants down for a little longer, because they’re not quite done with him yet. That’s right, rumors are circulating that the fifth Indiana Jones will focus on the Bermuda Triangle.

I can see your reactions now, fellow evolved apes: Shaking your head in shame. Cringing in your chair. Closing the browser quickly as to avoid retaining the information. Too late. You’ve read it and now you can’t unsee it. Kind of like “Two Girls One Cup”. You’ve suffered enough abuse in this post, so I won’t link you to that video.

Music Rooms has posted some information about the follow-up, claiming to have the scoop on the… fifthquel? They claim that the final film will be set in the Bermuda Triangle, and it will start shooting next year.

“George (Lucas) and Steven (Spielberg) have been working on a script and it’s almost there,” a source explained. “Harrison is on stand-by for filming next year. This looks like being an emotional and exciting conclusion to the franchise, with Indy facing his biggest challenge yet.”

Who is this source? I hate when they say “a source”. Did the blogger turn to their stoned roommate on the couch behind them and ask where a fifth movie should take place? “Bermuda Triangle? That’s brilliant! is going to get so many visitors now! ”

The source also claimed that it is going to be “an emotional and exciting conclusion to the franchise, with Indy facing his biggest challenge yet,” and that it “will be a ‘blockbuster made in the old fashioned way rather than the CGI efforts of the last movie.”

By “biggest challenge yet” do they mean to try and not make a crappy movie? Good luck, boys!

In any case, you should be taking this rumor quite lightly. We won’t know until it’s officially announced or until Shia LaBeouf effs up again by talking too much during an interview.

What do you think about the fifth movie taking place in the Bermuda Triangle? Should they even make a fifth movie at all?