Conan O’Brien won’t hit TBS’s airwaves until later this year but the network is already lobbying for him to get an Emmy. That’s right! They want him to get a shiny, golden trophy for all the hard work he put in…for NBC. It sounds crazy but they’re kick-starting a new campaign that will put Cone Bone in the voter’s sights for awards season.

According to EW, several print ads have been showing up in the Hollywood trades, as well as, The Los Angeles Times, and of course Entertainment Weekly. In typical O’Brien fashion the ads ooze humor. One of the tag lines state, “For your consideration, outstanding achievement in the use of SPF 150. From your new friends at TBS.” There’s also one that says, “Give this man one more thing to tweet about.”

It sounds like TBS wants to show O’Brien that they have his back no matter what. The president of Turner Entertainment Networks Steve Koonin said, “Conan’s great work in 2009 and 2010 deserves Emmy consideration.” The host won’t hit the small screen again until November 8th, which is a good 2 months after the Primetime Emmys take place. Do you really think the voters would give him an award for 6 months of work?

What do you think about TBS starting up a Emmy campaign for Conan O’Brien?