Only Sandra Bullock can take a truly awkward moment and make it hilarious. Last night during the MTV Movie Awards she was honored with the Generation Award, which was presented by her co-stars Bradley Cooper (All About Steve), Betty White (The Proposal), and Scarlett Johansson…wait Scarlett Johansson?! What was she doing there? While Cooper and White spoke Bullock’s praises Johansson just sat there like a stone, so they had to do something drastic to break the tension and address the elephant in the room…

When Bullock appeared on stage she said a few quick quips then looked at Johansson and said “This is so weird. Scarlett, why are you here?” Scarlett replied, “I’m here because Ryan [Reynolds her husband] couldn’t be here and I wanted to be here when you accepted your award for Best Kiss.” Sandra replied, “We didn’t win that.” Cue the clip!

As we’ve seen in the past Ms. Bullock has no qualms about swapping spit, we all remember Meryl’s “soft lips” at the Critic’s Choice Awards earlier this year (and that one wasn’t planned). Maybe that’s just how she deals with stress? It’s no secret that for the past few months the actress has been tabloid fodder because of certain events in her personal life, so she used the MTV Movie Awards to set the paparazzi and the gossip community straight.

“Number one, I am not dead. Number two, everyone has cellulite, not just me. Paparazzi need more flattering lenses. Whoever established the high road and how high it was going to be should be fired. I’ve never gone fourteen days without showering, while chain smoking, while crying on the shoulder of my sweet Aunt Luddy,” she continued. “I shower twice a day, I don’t smoke and sweet Aunt Luddy died a year ago, though I know she’s really happy just to have been mentioned.”

In true Bullock fashion, she took something traumatic and embarrassing and a turned it into a joke. She kept it light and showed that she isn’t letting her current situation get her down. Therefore, everyone can relax and let out a sigh of relief because Sandra is doing A-ok.

What do you think about Sandra Bullock’s acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards? Was it hilarious or over the top?