The Captain America announcements keep rolling in as one of the rumored actors surrounding the film has confirmed his casting. Last week news broke that Neal McDonough was in talks to play Dum Dum Dugan in the Joe Johnston directed adaptation. While at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday afternoon, he spoke to one of their correspondents on the red carpet and divulged a few details about his character and the Howling Commandos…

When McDonough was first named as a candidate for the Dugan role it seemed crazy because his physical appearance is drastically different from what the character looks like in the comic. But in Hollywood they can make magic happen with the right make up and wardrobe. As you can see from the following photo he’s already working on the mustache and surprisingly looks more like Dugan that we’d like to admit.

Besides his character, he also confirmed that the Howling Commandos will be a part of the film but he’s not sure if their original name will stick.

“I’m not sure at this point. It may change — I’m reading a few things that it might change,” McDonough said of the Howling Commandos’ name. “But at this point, it still is. All I know is that I’m going to kick some butt and it’s going to be a blast.” “Oh, I’m going to see a lot of action. [I'm] the go-to guy, so I’m very happy with that.”

Similar to a lot of actors in major franchises, McDonough has signed on for multiple films but isn’t sure if he’ll necessarily appear in anything beyond Captain America.

“You sign up for future movies ahead of time, but you just keep praying,” he said. “I’m so fortunate to be part of something like this. If there are more to come, great. If not, I’ve got a great job and I’ve got the greatest wife at home — that’s what makes me happy.”

There you have it! In addition to Stanley Tucci, Captain America has officially gained Neal McDonough. This cast is looking better and better everyday!

What do you think of the growing cast for Captain America?

Source: MTV