After weeks of internet campaigning and wasting 140 characters or less, it looks like Donald Glover may finally stop annoying my eyeballs. Rumor has it that King Kong and Tintin star Jamie Bell is the front runner to play Spider-Man. As much as I would be intrigued to see Glover play the character, I effin’ hate “internet campaigns,” and with that being said bring on Bell! Out of the group of potential candidates, he’s the one name that could actually do the project some good…

Bleeding Cool is reporting that the Defiance actor has already been chosen to wear the tights in Marc Webb‘s new take on Spidey. When initially heard the news, the first thing that came to mind was: Who the hell is Jamie Bell? After a quick search and a light bulb being turned on in my tiny ape brain, the name matched the memory. The bit parts he played in those big movies (Kong, Defiance, and Jumper) were shining lights of hope in otherwise abysmal films.

What concerns me is the fact that he is tied up playing the title character in The Adventures of Tintin trilogy, which is jointly directed by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Does he have what it takes to manage two franchises at once? Has someone cloned Bell, creating a small army to take over the film industry? Will he star in every movie produced over the next 10 years?

Nah. Maybe just Spider-Man and Tintin if all goes well. Sorry, Donald Glover. Go tweet about something that someone cares about. Wait… did I go over 140 characters already? Damn.

What do you humans think about Jamie Bell playing Spidey?