Warner Bros continues to amp up the paranoia with their marketing campaign for Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Besides the theatrical posters that have been released online, they’ve got a whole street team whose sole purpose is sticking “warning” signs on buildings, bus stops, and everything else in between. Over at Screenrant they noticed a few posters in the Chicago area that have an interesting tag line plus a code that leads you to a new website…

The earliest Inception materials claimed, “Your mind is the scene of a crime,” a statement that confused the hell out of most of us. But once we discovered that the premise of the film has to do with going into dreams and planting/ stealing ideas it all made sense. With these new posters they stress, “Thought theft is real,” and “Protect your thoughts.”

Each poster ends with the line, “Learn the truth about mind crimes” and it gives you a QR code. The code takes you to a website called, What is Dream Share? that’s set up like an anonymous conspiracy theorists blog and was recently discovered by the clever readers on Nolanfans.

This entire movement has a serious The Dark Knight, District 9 vibe to it and if Inception is anywhere near as good as those two, we’re in for a treat. Have any of you noticed these posters popping up in your neck of the woods?

What do you think of the latest posters for Inception?