Shrek Forever After may be bad for your health thanks to the latest marketing campaign the film has with McDonald’s. According to several sources the fast food chain has recalled 12 million Shrek themed collector’s glasses because the paint used on the outside design may contain a toxic chemical!

According to the Associated Press, the toxic chemical cadmium has been discovered on several Shrek glasses causing the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to enforce a recall. They ask that consumers stop using the glasses immediately and McDonald’s themselves will post info on their website regarding refunds.

“The 16-ounce glasses, being sold for about $2 each as part of a promotional campaign for the movie Shrek Forever After, were available in four designs depicting the characters Shrek, Princess Fiona, Puss in Boots and Donkey.”

Exposure to cadmium can cause long term health problems like bone softening and kidney damage. For the love of God, if you have a glass get rid of it ASAP! The words “bone softening” scares the crap out of me. Even though McDonald’s is fully cooperating with the Safety Commission, they released a statement that somehow claims the glasses might not be as dangerous as they sound.

“We believe the Shrek glassware is safe for consumer use,” Whitman said. “However, again to ensure that our customers receive safe products from us, we made the decision to stop selling them and voluntarily recall these products effective immediately.”

It seems like they’re trying to save face, while keeping their image clean. Too bad it’s not working.

Once again if you have  Shrek glass GET RID OF IT!