A new poster has been released for the indie thriller Buried and it looks like vertigo on crack! Both of the previous one sheets had a lot of negative space and were mostly dark and undefined. Here the marketing team decided to step it up a notch and terrorize your pupils with a lot of contrasting colors and patterns. Check out the full sized poster below, if you dare…

Buried is about a guy named Paul (Ryan Reynolds) who is a U.S. contractor working in Iraq. After he’s attacked by a group of Iraqis he randomly wakes up to find himself buried alive inside a coffin! Armed with only a lighter and a cell phone he’s in a race against time to escape his claustrophobic death trap.

The tagline for the poster reads “Paul Conroy isn’t ready to die,” which is a pretty morbid statement. It’s weird that they decided to go this route with their new one sheet because it’s an animation and it doesn’t have Reynolds plastered everywhere. But the design is eye catching so regardless of our reservations the artists did a great job with it.

Buried is scheduled for release in select theaters on September 24, 2010 and nationwide on October 8, 2010.

What do you think of the new poster for Buried?