Summit Entertainment has released another behind the scenes featurette for Eclipse introducing one of their new characters. It’s a freshly turned vampire named Bree Tanner who’s played by Jodelle Ferland. In the video, the 15 year old actress along with Twilight author Stephenie Meyer give us the goods on the latest bloodsucker to join the dark side.

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According to Ferland, Tanner’s on the bad side but doesn’t want to be. She has no concept of the “rules” when it comes to the world of vampires so she just goes along with those around he. Meyer states that the actress is able to give the character a story even though she doesn’t necessarily have one, which we think is an odd statement to make. If she’s not a fleshed out character, why is she in the movie? We guess that’s what all those future Twilight novels are open for.

It’s weird that she’s the same age as Dakota Fanning but their characters come across completely different. It’s probably because Fanning’s Jane has been a vampire for years and has lost all the innocence and naivete that she had in her youth. Interesting.

What do you think of Bree Tanner as the newest vampire?