It’s been a while since Disney’s released a promotional banner for their long awaited sequel,Tron Legacy. The last time we saw something from the film was back in April when they unveiled their “Light Car” poster. Today a new HQ image has debuted online and it features a highly attentive disc thrower. Check out the full photo below…

Tron Legacy will hit theaters on December 17, 2010, after a long 28 year hiatus. The first movie came out in 1982 and starred Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, a man who learned the power of Tron the hard way. Legacy will take place over two decades later, and center on Flynn’s son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) who’s just as tech savvy as his father.

Tron Legacy is directed by Joseph Kosinski and also stars Olivia Wilde, Michael Sheen, James Frain, and Bruce Boxleitner who appeared in the original. Here are the earlier banners that have also been released.

It looks like all these photos are taken from one major battle. We have the light cycles, the car cycle, and now a disc thrower in the mix. Don’t be surprised if the next billboard features someone on the receiving end of this assault.

Which of these posters is your favorite?