After seeing the heavy handed influence The Avengers had on this spring’s Iron Man 2 it looked like Tony Stark would be the anchor character to join all the new Marvel movies together. But director and producer Jon Favreau recently appeared on a local Los Angeles radio show to clear up any rumors regarding an Iron Man cameo in Captain America or Thor.

Even though [Spoiler for Iron Man 2] Thor’s hammer showed up at the very end of the sequel don’t expect to see the Nordic hero get a visit from Stark in his movie. Here’s what Favreau had to say about the character’s future…

“He’s not in Thor, he’s not in Cap which are the two movies for next Summer. It’ll be very interesting to see how the Marvel Universe branches off. All of these movies are going to be taken into account for The Avenger‘ in two years.”

In the past, Marvel has been less than honest when it comes to cameos so we’re not sure what to believe. If Favreau’s serious about this, they better give us a decent replacement. If neither Tony Stark or Nick Fury will be involved with Thor can Edward Norton’s Bruce Banner be the bridge between the films? And maybe from there they can loop in Captain America? Just give us some Hulk action!

What do you think they should do to link Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America?

Source: Comic Book Movie