The A-Team are known for being a group of over the top adrenaline junkies, which we can easily see in this latest clip. Over at MSN, they’ve debuted an exclusive scene from the movie that looks like a continuation of the clip Fox released a couple of weeks ago. It involves a tank, jet fighters, missiles, and yelling. Lots and lots of yelling. Take a look…

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The A-Team is based on the popular 1980’s TV show that centered on a group of falsely accused military men forced to live underground. The characters are Lt. Templeton ‘Faceman’ Peck, Col. John ‘Hannibal’ Smith, Capt. ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock, and Sgt. Bosco ‘B.A.’ Baracus. In this reboot the roles will be played by Bradley Cooper, Liam Neeson, Sharlto Copley, and Rampage Jackson.

The above clip only solidifies our interest in seeing this movie. Not only are these guys flying a tank, but they’re shooting down jets in the process. Also Hannibal’s cool demeanor is unnerving. Either he’s mildly insane or his skills are just that damn good. Either way it doesn’t look like Cooper was on board 100 percent with his means of attack but in true Hannibal fashion he always brings a plan together.

The A-Team hits theaters on June 11, 2010.

What do you think of the latest clip from The A-Team?