A new internet trailer has been released for Vincenzo Natali’s thriller Splice and it’s filled with ungodly goodness. The film stars Sarah Polley and Oscar winner Adrien Brody as well as model-turned-actress Delphine Chaneac, who plays the creature they genetically engineer. The film will debut in theaters on June 4th but until then check out the latest trailer…

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The film centers on two rebellious scientists who cross the lines of ethics and genetics with one of their experiments. They splice together human and animal DNA to form a hybrid creature, that grows from a deformed infant to a winged human chimera. They name it Dren and what starts off as a miracle of nature becomes an abomination before God.

The thing this trailer does differently than the previous ones is introduce the actual history of genetic science. You see how it goes from point A to point C with the creation of Dren. It’s also interesting to watch how scientists continue to push boundaries, which makes you wonder if something this extreme could happen in our time. We don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors.

What do you think about the internet trailer for Splice?