Apparently, it doesn’t take much to land a role in Transformers 3 (we’re looking at you Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), so Oscar winner Ben Kingsley decided to bring his F-game to his audition for the sequel. And by “F-game,” we mean there’s literally no effort being put into his performance and it’s HILARIOUS! The actor shot a short skit for George Lopez’s talk show “Lopez Tonight” where he poked fun at reality star Heidi Montag and her recent audition for the movie. Take a look…

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No one can say that Sir Ben Kingsley doesn’t have a sense of humor. Not only is he making fun of Montag but he’s also taking a dig at himself. He knows what stereotypes he’s reinforcing with that cup of tea! And we love how he effortlessly plows through the practice targets without even attempting to shoot them. Then when he finishes, he puts his hands up and the gun goes off!

There’s no doubt that this was part of the actor’s promotional tour for last weekend’s The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. But is it sad to say that his 30 seconds in this video was more entertaining than the entire 2 hour run of that movie?

What do you think of Ben Kingsley’s Transformers 3 audition? Should Michael Bay give him a shot?