More clips from my latest obsession, the Joan Rivers documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work have just popped up. I never really gave Rivers much time or attention, but after watching the trailer and the few clips from this documentary below I’m fascinated! Who knew she was THAT insane?! She’s the perfect trifecta of entertainment; there is nothing she’s not willing to do for a laugh, she’s oddly endearing in a look-but-don’t-touch kind of way, and absolutely fucking hilarious. I mean who has a filing cabinet full of jokes with with “cooking” next to “Tony Danza”?

Check out her Michelle Obama joke that went to far and more below…


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She Has a Fan!

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Setting the Table:

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I especially love the last clip about how she has no one is in her life anymore while she has a crew of men setting up a giant table with about 40 + place settings. Who knows what goes through this woman’s head?

One thing is for damn sure, they named this movie perfectly, she certainly is a piece of work on MANY levels.

Check out the poster below…

What do you think of the film? Will you see it?