If you’re one of the many people who missed Jason Patric’s off the wall performance in this spring’s The Losers, don’t worry because there’s more where that came from. According to Deadline, Patric has signed on to star in HBO’s new blogger series, “Tilda.” As previously announced, Oscar winner Diane Keaton will play the title character and it looks like Patric will star as her arch rival!

“Tilda” marks Patric’s first regular stint on a television series and will feature him as Andrew Brown, “the mastermind behind the media empire RMG, which Tilda is trying to expose the inner workings of.” The show was written by Bill Condon and Cynthia Mortcast and is scheduled to begin production this month in Los Angeles.

The cast of “Tilda” also includes Ellen Page and Wes Bentley (what’s he been up to lately)? Am I the only one who’s been waiting for him to make a legitimate comeback? As for Page, she’ll appear in Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated summer blockbuster Inception alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in July.

“Tilda” will center on a powerful female online Hollywood journalist with a no-holds-barred style, which is said to be loosely based on Nikki Finke.

What do you think of the cast for Tilda? Are you interested in watching the series?