The heavy campaigning for this summer’s sci-fi film Inception continues with this latest viral discovery. According to /Film, the thriller directed by Christopher Nolan has produced a manual for “Dream Share” employees that’s surfaced online. To keep the suspense and not give too much away, it’s covered in black ink to hide the content that’s too top secret for audiences. Check out the hidden chapters at your own risk…

The handbook is divided into different chapters including:

  • Specialists/Operatives
  • Environment Creation
  • The Dream/Waking World Relationship
  • The Hostile Subconscious
  • Warfare in the Dream
  • Interrogation Techniques

The marketing plan for this film is genius because it gives you just enough material to grab your attention but leaves you wanting more information. Nolan and Warner Bros have been very careful about what they put out into the media and with less than two months until the film’s release they’ve done a hell of job generating intrigue!

Here a couple of images taken out of the manual that cover some of the dream “procedures.” Take a look…

Inception, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ken Watanabe is set to be released on July 16th.

Did the marketing plan work? Does this sneak peak into the manual make you want to see the film more?

Additional Source: Underwire