Tom Cruise recently decided to poke fun at himself in honor of this year’s MTV Movies Awards. He shot a promo for the show that features him reprising two of his most talked about roles, one being the young kid from Risky Business and the other being the overweight asshole executive from Tropic Thunder. See what happens when these two collide…

Were you aware that Tropic Thunder’s Les Grossman was one of the producers of Risky Business? Apparently he was, and he was the genius behind the bottomless dance Cruise gave in the movie. Let’s see the origins of that magical scene.

We love how they went from current, middle aged Tom Cruise to the young fresh from 1982 Tom Cruise in a matter of “two minutes.” Even though we had some reservations, this skit was pretty funny. We never thought we’d see Grossman again but somehow, someway he weaseled his way back into our lives.

Cruise probably agreed to do the promo as a way to market his upcoming film Knight and Day that’s scheduled for release next month.

The MTV Movie Awards air on Sunday, June 6th and will be hosted by Aziz Ansari.

What do you think of Cruise’s viral video?