Earlier today news broke that former child star Gary Coleman died at the age of 42. An intracranial hemorrhage initially put him in a coma, but later on the actor passed away at a Utah hospital. Although Coleman was relatively young, he became a star before he hit puberty. He was one of the staples on the TV show “Diff’rent Strokes” that ran from 1978 to 1986. Unfortunately, in more recent years, Coleman was getting attention for all the wrong reasons (personal and legal troubles). But despite all that we want to remember him as the adorable actor who won our hearts over 30 years ago.

Check out Coleman’s life in pictures…

Early on Coleman got to work with some of Hollywood’s top dogs during his “Diff’rent Stokes” days, can you say, Lucille Ball? After the show was cancelled he appeared in a number of feature and television movies to occupy his time. He eventually got married, but the matrimony ended in divorce and in 2003 he tried to run for Governor of California, but the whole campaign turned out to be more of a satirical joke. Coleman might have been shorter than five feet, but he had a larger than life personality and for that, he will be missed.

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