Warner Bros has just unleashed their upcoming 2011 film slate and it includes several sequels (no surprise there) such as The Hangover 2, Journey to the Center of the Earth 2, and Sherlock Holmes 2. CEO Barry Meyer spoke about their new roster as well as the long awaited DC Comic adaptations of The Flash, Wonder Woman, and the rebooted Superman movie, Man of Steel.

For 2011 here’s the basic rundown of what we can expect in theaters:

He also stated that the new Superman will make its debut around the 2012 holiday season and that they’re getting very close to green lighting The Flash. The other famous characters like Wonder Woman and Aquaman are all currently in development.

Out of this group of properties, I really want to see a Wonder Woman movie because there’s a serious drought of female superheroes out there. Especially ones who can pretty much destroy any man that gets in their way. The Flash was on the top of my list but since Ryan Reynolds is already playing the Green Lantern my hopes for that character has gone down a bit.

What are your favorite films out of this bunch? Which movie are you looking forward to?

Source: Heatvision