After watching the “Lost” series finale on Sunday you probably felt one of two ways: you either loved it or loathed it! According to the comments that followed our review of the last episode a lot of you were up in arms about how Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse decided to finish off six years of mystery. Instead of giving legitimate answers, we got a sappy, all’s well that ends well resolution that a 4 year old could have come up with.

If that didn’t cut it for you, we’ve found a video online that gives us an alternate ending that actually has some type of entertainment value…

Spoiler Alert for Lost ending: Jack ended up sacrificing his life to restore balance back to the island and in his final moments he landed in the same bamboo field that he awakened from after the initial plane crash in episode one. It payed homage to that scene by bringing in Vincent the dog and having him stay with Jack before he died and went on to a self-created purgatory that the rest of the castaways were also in (rolls eyes).

But what if this happened instead?

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What do you think of this alternate Lost ending?