Gemma Arterton is this summer’s hot blockbuster chick (although maybe it’s “bird” since she is English?). Ever since she seduced Bond a few years back, she’s been the girl to cast in your blockbuster not only for her looks but for her ability to capture your attention and deliver a line. From Clash of the Titans and now to Prince of Persia where she plays the most beautiful (and if you hadn’t noticed don’t worry, they make sure to point it out to you as often as possible) and argumentative princess in all the land, she’s traveled to many different eras and always come out on top.

We had a chance to attend a video conference with Gemma while she was in London and find out a little bit more about stepping into a Bruckheimer film, 120 degree weather, and her latest role at the most beautiful woman in the world — which she rather humbly seemed rather fine about being called. You can read some of the highlights of the interview or watch the entire video of the interview below.

We began by speaking about the obvious, her multiple roles in blockbusters…

Compare your experience on Prince of Persia with being a Bond girl and being in Clash of the Titans in your previous film work.

Gemma Arterton: Well, they’re very, very different films. I’d done the Bond film before I started Prince of Persia, and I was only in it for a small amount of time, so I didn’t actually see how huge it can be to be in a movie like that. But this was even bigger and, you know, with a fantasy movie, you have all these huge sets and the landscapes were much more epic. It was the first time I really felt like I was in a massive, massive movie. Then I did Clash of the Titans afterwards, which, even though it was a big movie was small in comparison. So yeah, this was, for me a really big deal, because it was the only girl in the movie as well, so it was pretty immense.

At the age of 24, did you ever believe that you would reach this level so early in your career and what’s next for you to accomplish as an actress?

Gemma Arterton: I never even imagined myself in a film, let alone in a movie like this, I always thought I’d do theatre. So, yeah, my career has completely taken me by surprise. Even though I’ve made some really, really big movies, I’m trying to make small movies as well, and theatre, and… And yeah, now I’m in a really lucky position where I’m getting sent really cool scripts and I just want to be really selective and do something that you completely wouldn’t expect. And yeah, we’ll see.

What was it like working on such a physically demanding film shoot in Morocco, with temperatures sometimes as high as 120 degrees? How did you deal with that?

Gemma Arterton: Yeah, it was pretty hot, but being from London, you don’t really get that sort of weather ever, so we kind of loved it, I loved it. Any Brit probably just was basking in the sun. It was pretty full on. I mean, as an actor, you don’t really have to sit out in the sun for very long, they, there’s always someone there with an umbrella, I call them brolly bitches. [LAUGHS] And you get fed and watered. But it was pretty full on, and the rest of the crew were out there all day long. So, you know, I got a nice tan… [LAUGHS]

Clearly you and Dastan don’t meet eye to eye at first, but eventually she comes to see him differently than she did at the beginning of the film. Can you talk about your journey the journey that they go on and the moment that she realised that Dastan was different than she thought?

Gemma Arterton: Yeah, so at the beginning, I’m captured by the Persians, so I don’t really like them [LAUGHS], and Jake’s character, Dastan, is one of those. So there’s a real… You know, she’s quite snooty at the beginning and very, very regal, and then as the film develops, she sort of wears him down and then realizes that there’s a lot more to him. It’s when she sees him, you know, sort of mourn his father, I suppose, that’s when she really sees that there’s something else going on. And I think they play an important role in each other’s sort of development. She sort of makes him realize his inner self, and, and he, he kind of softens her in a way… You know, takes the strings out of her bow a little bit. [LAUGHS]

In keeping with “the dagger of time,” if you had the power to turn back time and change something, what would you do and what would you change?

Gemma Arterton: I wouldn’t change a thing in my own life, but I’d like to go back in time anyway though, just to some sort of eras that I wish I’d lived in, like the ‘60s, I’d love to have been in London in the ‘60s, partying away. [LAUGHS]

Check out the full interview now…

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Prince of Persia will be in theaters May 28th!