A couple of weeks ago, Lindsay Lohan was rumored to play a porn star in an upcoming biopic based on Linda Lovelace, the woman known for her role in the famous adult film Deep Throat. On the website of professional photographer Tyler Shields, he’s published a few photos of Lohan as Lovelace that will be used for promotion of the movie. We have a couple of them below and no they’re not pornographic!

Linda Lovelace was one of the premiere porn stars during the seventies especially after the release of Deep Throat. Her life behind the camera was just as outlandish as it was in front. She claimed that she was forced into the “business” by her first husband who she described as more of a pimp than a mate and even after all her success, later in life she fought against the very industry that gave her such acclaim.

It looks like Inferno will tackle Lovelace at the beginning and the height of her career. We weren’t aware that Lohan had already begun work on it until these posters surfaced but so far it doesn’t look that bad.

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan as Linda Lovelace? Are you interested in seeing Inferno?