Like most eighties babies, the Back to the Future franchise was an active part of our childhood but thanks to the magic of YouTube and people who have nothing but free time on their hands one of our favorite films has been tainted forever. A fan noticed some odd behavior in one of the ending scenes of Back to the Future 3 that featured Doc Brown, the introduction of two little boys and one of them, well, just see for yourself…

The video was posted by JakeMathew and here’s the set up he gave for it:

Doc Brown’s kids always seemed a lil’ odd, but only after some further review do we realize how creepy one of them actually is. First, I thought the boy was motioning for Elisabeth Shue to get on board the train, but where he REALLY wants her to go….you don’t need roads.

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Eeeewww. Maybe the kid had to go to the bathroom or maybe he needed to take a shower but either way, we did NOT need to see that. Therefore, if we had to suffer so does everyone else.

Did you ever notice that disturbing bit at the end of the movie?