We have bad news to report. Another legend in the entertainment business is no longer with us. Art Linkletter, the legendary TV host who’s been around for over 60 years passed away on Wednesday at the ripe age of 97. He was known for his work on multiple shows but the most famous was the always cheeky “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”

Linkletter started in radio with his shows “People Are Funny” and “House Party” and no they were nothing like the Kid n Play movies from the early nineties. He eventually made the transition over to television several years later and became a staple over the next 4 decades.

“People Are Funny,” was an audience participation quiz show that began on NBC in 1954. “Contestants were chosen from the studio audience to complete challenges or perform wacky stunts, such as trying to cash a check written on a 40-pound watermelon. Losers would be doused with water or pelted with pies.”

Besides his hosting gigs, he was also an author and a public speaker who was quoted as saying “No one can keep from aging, but there is no need to grow old.” Wise words to live by!

Were you a fan of Linkletter’s work? Do you remember any of his shows?

Source: EW