We’re well aware that in the world of television and movies anything goes. That means “dead” isn’t always dead (despite what “Lost” says) so the fact that Julie Benz will appear on the next season of “Dexter” isn’t that much of a shock. According to Zap2it, Showtime has confirmed that the actress who played the title character’s wife will rise again when the show returns with new episodes.

The spokesperson for the network wouldn’t give any specifics but they did say,

“As Dexter grapples with the reality of the death of his wife and the realization that he is now a single father, the presence of Rita Bennett will help him deal with his new found feelings of loss and grief — emotions that Dexter Morgan has never really felt before,” Showtime says in a statement.

We smell a ghost story. There’s nothing like the haunting of your murdered wife to make you start second guessing your life choices. That would be the most logical means of bringing the character back but they did say that Rita’s “presence” won’t be the same as that of Dexter’s dad (James Remar), which narrows down the possibilities a bit. We’re not sure where they’re going with this but as a fan of Julie Benz we’re all in.

What do you think about Julie Benz returning for another season of Dexter? How do you think she’ll interact with her husband?