HBO has released a new minisode from their vampire series “True Blood” and it features the currently M.I.A. Bill Compton. At the end of season 2, we were left under the impression that he was taken against his will leaving Sookie confused and heartbroken. In this promo video, we see how the character acquired the engagement ring he brought to his lady love before his disappearance…

Check out the latest installment of “A Drop of Blood”…

True Blood: Season 3 – Bill Minisode

HBO | MySpace Video

Wasn’t that interesting? Usually when we see a vampire on the show oozing sex appeal it’s coming from the direction of Alexander Skarsgard’s Eric Northman. This time Stephen Moyer got to amp up his charm to con an older woman (technically he’s older in vampire years). Is Bill trying to grow on us because we only have eyes for a Scandinavian bloodsucker!

“True Blood” is set to return for season 3 on June 13th and HBO has been releasing a new minisode every week during the season 2 recap. The first episode featured Eric and his sidekick Pam that included gratuitous dancing and plenty of awkward pauses. We love the dynamic between those two!

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