It’s over! Last night Kiefer Sutherland concluded his television run as the greatest anti-hero in history. For 8 seasons we’ve seen him deal with some situations that would have Rambo shaking in his boots and with so much hype it’s time to decide if the “24” finale was the fitting end we all hoped for. Vote in our poll and tell us what you thought…

Without getting too in-depth, the overall episode did encompass everything we loved about the show. There was plenty of action, frustration, and a few revelations that we desperately needed. We have to say our favorite moments came from Jack and Chloe (guns and all). Their relationship has been more interesting than anything else we’ve seen on the show and we liked the turn it took last night.

What did you think of the 24 series finale?

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What were your favorite moments of the night? For some people we know the suspense level would have been a lot higher if they didn’t know that a “24″ movie was in the works. Yep, it’s happening so get ready for Bauer to hit the big screen and travel to Europe to kick some ass, while taking names later.  Also, for those of you who thought the finale was too over the top, we don’t think that’s a fair assessment because hasn’t the entire show been that way since day one?

What did you think of the 24 finale? Was it a fitting end for Jack Bauer?