A couple of clips from The Karate Kid remake starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith have popped up online. Even those of you who are hardcore purists dedicated to the original film should try and give it a chance. It doesn’t look that bad. In the following scenes we see Chan interacting with an anxious Smith who wants to learn his martial arts ways…

In the film Smith stars in the the lead as a troubled youth named Dre who encounters a severe bully when he is forced to move overseas to China due to a job his mother played by Taraji P. Henson has to take. In order to stop getting beaten up he has to learn how to fight with martial arts master Mr. Han played by Chan.

The Hot Water’s Not Working:

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Your Focus Needs Focus:

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In the first clip that features Dre at Mr. Han’s home, Smith’s acting is way off. I’m sure it gets better in the film but with that scene in particular I’m just not buying it. He comes across as a bit stale as if he’s just warming up instead of giving us a full fledged performance.

The short training video is a lot more interesting because those are the moments we all loved about the original. Seeing a young, out of touch kid gain confidence and technique is what The Karate Kid is all about!

What do you think about the first clips from The Karate Kid?