After 20 years on air, NBC put the last nail in “Law & Order’s” coffin with its final episode on Monday night. Even though a lot of you were hoping for a farewell filled with bells and whistles the show gave us its standard. Not only because the finale wrapped before it was officially cancelled but because that’s what “L&O” was all about. No frills, just cold hard justice!

The finale episode was entitled, “Rubber Room” and dealt with the harsh realities of the teacher’s unions, bloggers, and bombers. We definitely thought this felt more like a season finale as opposed to a series send-off. But like we previously stated, for all intents and purposes the writers weren’t aware that the show would be cancelled at the time the episode was produced. If you missed the ending, here’s a great highlight reel including some of the best scenes of the night.

We have to admit that we’ve always been partial to certain actors when it came to the cast. The originator Chris Noth, Benjamin Bratt, we loved Jesse L. Martin, and who can forget Jerry Orbach?  We can’t believe it’s over! “Law & Order” was always about the experience of the New York police and the legal system that supported them. And it stuck with that formula from beginning to end. R.I.P. “Law & Order.”

What did you think of the Law & Order finale last night? Was it a fitting end?