George A. Romero’s Survival of the Dead makes its theatrical debut this week and if all goes well two more films from the Dead series could follow. According to Cinemablend, Romero has taken the ideas of the fifth installment, Diary of the Dead and has created three different concepts for possible sequels.

Survival takes care of the first character, Sarge (Alan Van Sprang), the guy who raids the RV of the main characters in Diary and becomes a central player in Survival, but who’s next?

“There’s a group of looters, African Americans, that are sort of holed up in the city and that would be probably the next group,” Romero explained. “Then I’d sort of wrap it all up with the blond character, Tracy, who gets away at the end from our main group.”

Romero has the zombie genre on lock. He will forever be intertwined with it but he also wants to show audiences that he can step outside of his comfort zone. He has two other scripts in development, which he’s already secured financing for. He describes one of them as a “personal” project and the other is a horror flick but has nothing to do with zombies.

What do you think of Romero’s work? Should he stick to what he is good at or venture into other genres?