Do you want to be possessed by evil spirits and possibly kill your family? If your answer is yes, we’ve found the right house for you! We’re assuming that’s the tagline being used to lure buyers into purchasing the house that inspired the book and film, The Amityville Horror. It’s for sale and real estate agents are taking offers from any and everyone!

According to the Associated Press, the Amityville Horror house has been put on the market for a whopping 1.15 million dollars. The New York property is a five-bedroom Dutch Colonial and holds a lot of history including the gruesome death of a family.

The Oscar-nominated film named after the estate is based on the story of the Lutz clan and their brief stay in the house in 1975 after six members of the DeFeo family were shot and killed as they slept in the home. Eldest son Ronald DeFeo Jr. was convicted of the murders.

Apparently after the mass murders, the Lutz’ stay was plagued by supernatural occurrences including bleeding walls and moving furniture. These events drove them all mad, but the father who’s played by James Brolin in the 1979 film and Ryan Reynolds in the 2005 remake got it the worst!

We’re all for having a piece of cinematic history but we’re not willing to risk our lives to do it. No thanks.

Would you want to live in the Amityville Horror house?