Australian actress Rose Byrne has been a regular on the critically acclaimed FX series “Damages” for the past three years but her stint as Ellen Parsons might be coming to an end. The actress recently spoke to us about the future of the show and whether or not she thinks the network will pick it up for another season. She also discussed her upcoming horror film Insidious that’s directed by fellow Australian James Wan who’s known for his work in the Saw series.

Here’s what Byrne had to say about the basic premise of Insidious:

Patrick Wilson and I play a married couple and we have 3 children and there starts to be some strange incidents in our house. My character’s mentally kind of fragile and you’re never quite sure if it’s in her head or if it’s really happening. It’s really clever. It plays out like a domestic drama and it just descends into complete eeriness. It becomes kind of supernatural.

The story seems to play with several genres not just horror, an element that Byrne loved.

It’s really cool and really scary! I just mean it’s dirty, like it’s gross. It’s not torture. It’s more of a psychological horror. There’s a little kid in the movie and there were some sequences he had to do and he got really scared. And so did I actually.

That does sound terrifying. The very word “insidious” makes our skin crawl. On a lighter note (and isn’t it bad when “Damages” is considered lighter?) she clarified the rumors regarding the cancellation of her TV series.

Anything’s possible at this stage but John Landgraf [FX President] I think has publicly said on record that they’re very proud of the show but the numbers weren’t quite high enough for them. So I think they’re looking elsewhere to see if there’s life beyond FX.

Possibly DirectTV? Didn’t they pick up “Friday Night Lights” when the NBC network was playing games? She stated that production hasn’t started on the new season because they’re currently in limbo waiting for a definite answer. We wish her all the luck in the world with that.

Do you think Damages should have a season 4? What network should pick it up?