Three new photos have been released for the upcoming sequel Resident Evil Afterlife that features Milla Jovovich returning as the franchise hero, Alice. This time she’s once again joined by Claire Redfield who brings along her older brother Chris. Chris’ presence in the fourth film is interesting because he appears in the very first Resident Evil video game. What took him so long to join the party? Check out the photos below…

The official plot synopsis for the film has yet to be released but it will probably center on Alice and her buddies taking down the infamous company responsible for the zombie epidemic once and for all.

Is it just us, or are these some of the most well dressed vigilante fighters you’ve ever seen? Their outfits look more fashion than military but since this is a movie, we’ll let it slide. As for the addition of Chris Redfield, we’re happy to see him but we’re not sure if Wentworth Miller will be able to live up to our expectations. Chris is the original badass in the video game along with Jill Valentine (can we get her back please?). Do you think he can pull this off?

Resident Evil: Afterlife is directed by Paul WS Anderson and will hit theaters on September 10, 2010.

What do you think of the latest photos from Resident Evil: Afterlife?

Source: UGO