Holy crap! The marketing for Christopher Nolan’s Inception continues to get better and better. Warner Bros has just released seven new banners from the film and they look awesome! They feature each of the main characters and what appears to be their code names. We’re not sure what they mean, but we’re assuming they have something to do with their involvement in the “inception” dream process. Take a look…

Don’t these look badass? Leonardo DiCaprio is described as The Extractor, Ellen Page is The Architect, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is The Point Man, Ken Watanabe is The Tourist, Marion Cotillard is The Shade, Tom Hardy is The Forger, and Cillian Murphy is The Mark. We’re not even going to pretend we know what any of them really do but they sound intriguing.

The plot for Inception centers on DiCaprio’s character Cobb, an expert thief who can travel into people’s dreams and steal their secrets. For the most part he’s been successful and avoided capture but that track record might come to an end when he’s asked to do the impossible. Instead of taking someone’s idea he has to plant one in their subconscious at its very beginning, at its inception.

Inception hits theaters everywhere on July 16th.

What do you think of the new character banners for Inception?

Source: Moviefone