If you were one of the 13.5 million viewers wrapped up in last night’s “Lost” finale get ready for another swan song to hit your TV screens. Tonight will mark the end of an era as NBC’s long running drama “Law & Order” solves its last case just one year shy of a record breaking 21st season.

Tonight’s episode will be entitled, “Rubber Rooms” and it will stick to the traditional “ripped from the headlines” format that the series made famous with its debut back in 1990. The show has gone through several cast changes during its lengthy run including the addition and subtraction of Chris Noth, the death of veteran actor Jerry Orbach, and earlier this year S. Epatha Merkerson who decided to throw in the towel as Lieutenant Anita Van Buren.

Since the news of “L&O’s” cancellation was literally announced weeks ago, we’re not sure if “Rubber Rooms” will be a fitting end. Unless they did a few re-shoots and applied some heavy editing this could appear to be more of a standard episode as opposed to a series finale. But then again, creator Dick Wolf might be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat and get the show on another network. He’s been working on it and we believe that he desperately wants the series to break that 21 year record (take that “Gunsmoke“) but will it happen?

The “final” episode of “Law & Order” airs tonight on NBC at 10 pm.

Are you going to watch tonight’s “Law & Order” finale?