MacGruber opened last weekend to the tune of $4.1 million dollars (didn’t see that coming) and despite its cast of “Saturday Night Live” vets, WWE wrestlers, and 80′s icons it wasn’t enough to debut at number one. What happened? Perhaps the world has gotten over their infatuation with MacGyver, SNL sketches, or gross over the top sex scenes that feature hairy and mildy out of shape actors?

In MacGruber, Kristen Wiig’s alter ego Vicki St. Elmo had to get hot and heavy with the title character, who’s portrayed by Will Forte. In typical 80′s fashion, the love scene was gratuitous and featured some partial nudity mostly coming from MacGruber. While it appeared funny onscreen Wiig recently admitted that it was an awkward and gross experience to shoot.

“Have you ever had anyone sweat on you? Like really drip sweat on you? It’s not that fun. We were on satin sheets that really don’t absorb anything, they kind of just turn to paper. And we were laughing and we didn’t know what we were doing!”

She also went on to say that she sees Forte like a brother, which made the situation better and worse in a lot of ways. If that wasn’t disturbing enough they shot the love scene on her birthday, which is just wrong. Pure wrong!

Have you seen MacGruber? What did you think of the scene?

Source: Showbiz Spy