“Damn It!” Tonight will be the last time we hear Jack Bauer utter those famous words amidst frustration and chaos when he takes down the bad guys for the billionth time. The series finale of  “24” is upon us and fans are trying their best to brace themselves for the events that are about to take place. Do you think it will be a cut and dry ending or will it be left open for interpretation like ABC’s “Lost?”

At 8pm, Fox will air a two-hour finale wrapping up their 8 season run of Jack Bauer and his off the wall antics. The character’s portrayer, Kiefer Sutherland recently spoke about what we can expect from tonight’s episode and whether or not it will go out with a bang.

What’s interesting is how it almost goes back to year one, where it’s not about saving the planet. It’s not about a nuclear bomb. It’s not about any of these things. It becomes about two characters. It was much more moving than I had ever anticipated, and for the people that I know who have seen it, I think they felt the same way.

It sounds like the writers plan on coming full circle, returning to what made the show a phenomenon in the first place.  We know a lot of you have your own theories as to how it should end so tell us what you think. We’re interested in knowing what would be a satisfactory ending for those of you who have dedicated 8 years of your life to this series.

What are your thoughts on the final episode of 24? Do you think it will deliver?

Source: EW