On July 8th, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Seattle, Miami, San Diego and Austin will all be blasted back to the past for a sing-a-long with their favorite characters in what Paramount is calling “the original High School musical” or what we here at ScreenCrave call “the oldest high school cast of all time”… Grease!

Check out the trailer and my griping below…

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Before I can go any further! I have a problem with this. Are they really going to spell out the lyrics for you to sing-a-long to? Who the hell needs to words to Grease? I get that some people have no desire to be subjected to a musical, BUT then they’ll NEVER go to a sing-along! Is there anyone out there that wants to go to a sing-a-long that doesn’t know the words to GREASE? One of the most well-known musicals of all time? They never had to put the words to Rockey Horror, Moulin Rouge or Nightmare Before Christmas on the screen in order for those audiences to sing-along!

It feels like they’re taking the whole point of a sing-along and killing it. The point is, you’re all fans of the movie, you all know the words and you all want to get together with like-mined people, watch your favorite film, and join in on something.

Writing out the words!? Bah-Humbug

If I haven’t disuaded you yet, you can buy tickets here.