Unruly dialogue, early eighties fashion, mullets, and explosions (can’t forget about the explosions) dominate the 88 minute run time of Jorma Taccone’s MacGruber. It’s been a while since “Saturday Night Live” has had the courage to produce a feature version of one of their skits, and they decided to take the plunge with the MacGyver inspired knock-off. MacGruber is transformed from a mediocre 30 second sketch to an amazing action satire complete with the presence of Powers Boothe, because no eighties action movie is complete without “The Boothe”!

The Players:

The Plot:

The overall story centers on a retired MacGruber (Forte) living as a monk in Ecuador. His former commanding officer Colonel James Faith (Boothe) enlists him to fight the evil Dieter Von Cunth (Forte), who has a nuclear warhead and is attempting to kill the President. MacGruber assembles a rogue team including his trusty sidekick Vicki St. Elmo (Wiig) and a young soldier named Dixon Piper (Phillippe) to stop Cunth from executing his plan.

The Good:

  • Val Kilmer: Kilmer turned in a solid performance as the deliciously evil Cunth. He has the archetype of the eighties action villain down to a science but doesn’t portray the character in a cartoonish way. He’s one of the best things this film has to offer.
  • Powers Boothe: It’s no secret that this movie is a parody of several films but Powers Boothe plays his character completely straight. It’s like he was transplanted from Red Dawn or Rapid Fire and dropped directly into MacGruber. Either he wasn’t in on the joke or he took his role very, very seriously.
  • The Humor: This film proves that SNL is holding Will Forte back. A lot of the material featured in MacGruber would never see the light of day on the show because of its restricted content. He really brought his A-game and every scene is genuinely hilarious from start to finish.
  • The Action: Pointless explosions – check, excessive shootouts – check, high tension scene with the disarming a nuclear bomb – check! All the action you’d expect and want from MacGruber shows up in spades.

The Bad:

  • The Nudity: Will Forte is NOT afraid to expose his backside, so if you have sensitive eyes (or a weak stomach) you might want to ignore certain parts of the movie.


MacGruber is pure popcorn movie fun. It’s entertaining from beginning to end because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. You get to see actors like Boothe, Phillippe, and Kilmer deliver some truly ridiculous performances and you enjoy it because it looks like they’re enjoying it. Don’t let the SNL sketch fool you MacGruber’s not that bad!

Rating: 8/10

MacGruber opens in theaters nationwide on May 21, 2010.



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