Did you really think MacGyver would let his bastard son/step-brother/younger cousin MacGruber take all his glory? THR is reporting that movement on the long developing MacGyver film is kicking it up a notch. New Line has brought on screenwriter Jason Richman to pen the script for their big screen adaptation that will hopefully capitalize on the renewed interest in the character.

MacGyver was a sci-fi, action series that aired from 1985 to 1992 and featured Richard Dean Anderson in the title role as a secret agent, who’s known for his ability to get out of tough situations. The character was etched into pop culture thanks to his over the top rescue tactics and of course that hair! Years after the show’s cancellation “Saturday Night Live” brought the character (sort of) back to life with their Will Forte created knock-off, MacGruber.

Fast forward several years later and we’ve got a MacGruber feature film in theaters (getting decent reviews) way before MacGyver. How did that happen? According to the trade, the studio is looking to fast track production and get a finished product out as soon as possible. We don’t know how we feel about this one.

Are you interested in seeing MacGyver on the big screen?