Noooo!!! The two things we hate the most, Twilight and “Heroes” will taint our favorite horror franchise! According to THR, Ashley Greene and Hayden Panettiere have landed roles in Wes Craven’s Scream 4. Months ago it was reported that the film would kick-start a second trilogy with the aid of the original stars and a new group of young characters. Is Greene our new Sidney Prescott?

The plot of Scream 4 has been kept under wraps but character descriptions have been released for the newbies. If the deals go through Greene will play Jill, Sidney’s cousin and the new female heroine of the series. Panettiere will be her best friend who happens to be a film geek (rolls eyes), Rory Culkin will play Jill’s love interest, and Lake Bell is in talks to portray a police officer who knew Sidney in high school.

OK, let’s discuss this shall we? How old is Culkin now? Was Signs really that long ago? And speaking of ages, isn’t Bell like 6 years younger than Neve Campbell? How is she going to play a former high school classmate? It’s called imagination and obviously we’re going to have to use ours to get through this movie.

We don’t really have a problem with Greene taking over Campbell’s role in the series, it’s just going to be hard to let go of the nostalgia. Beside Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette will reprise their roles as Gail and Dewey and the script has been once again penned by Kevin Williamson. Scream 4 is really happening. Are you ready for this?

What do you think of the cast of Scream 4?