Before everyone was blown away by Avatar, before the latest Michael Bay special effects, before Roland Emmerich destroyed New York with a tidal wave (for the first time), before anyone used CGI, before IMAX and especially before IMAX 3D, before stunt men, before green screens, there was and always will be…. crazy Frenchmen making movies.

Gisele Kerosen made in 1990 by director Jan Kounen is a reminder of how far creativity and a sense of humor can get you…

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In case you were wondering how they pulled this off, there were no wires or any tricks. The entire thing was shot using stop-frame animation and the actors would jump up in the air before each shot in order to get the “flying effect.” Imagine how many jumps that must have taken? Especially when all four of them are in the air at the same time.

So be impressed with James Cameron’s new technology if you like, but to me, this is truly amazing!

What do you think of it?