DreamWorks Animation has released a new trailer for their superhero/villain movie Megamind on Yahoo. The film stars Will Ferrell as the title character and Brad Pitt as his arch-nemesis Metroman. Unfortunately for the studio, the A-list cast and their silky voices do nothing to aid this unoriginal and unfunny story. Check out the trailer…

In the film, Megamind has defeated Metro Man and has found himself bored and without purpose. He tries to create another foe in the form of Titan, a young hero in training voiced by Jonah Hill. The film also stars Tina Fey as the female lead (the unconventional damsel in distress), a news reporter who’s keeping track of the hero-villain antics.

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This movie doesn’t look the least bit funny and Pitt’s voice is a major distraction. He doesn’t fit the character. For some odd reason we could see George Clooney pulling off the role a whole lot better. Ferrell and Fey also seem to be phoning in their performances and they’re just not interesting to watch or listen to.

Megamind will be released this fall in 3D on November 5th.

What do you think of the theatrical trailer for Megamind? Do the voices bother you?