Google is everywhere! The number one internet search engine wants to expand from your laptop to your television with Google TV (you knew it would happen sooner or later). The company has joined forces with Sony and Intel to create what they describe as “TV you know and love with the freedom and power of the internet.” What’s that supposed to mean?

According to PC World, Google TV could be a legitimate competitor for Apple TV, the Boxee Box, Tivo, and to a certain extent cable. It’s big hook is that it has solid hardware that can handle flash and will give you a viewing platform free of restrictions much like the internet.

Here’s a breakdown of what Google TV has to offer:

  • Web and Subscription TV Merge – Not only will you have access to regular network and television programming, you’ll also have the option to switch over to Hulu, Amazon and Netflix at the push of a button.
  • Flash Support – The Flash support will be for web and video applications and will allow you to play games like Farmville and stream music sites such as Pandora.
  • Talks to Android Phones – Instead of typing in television search queries, you can dictate them into the phone, and the request is sent to the television by Wi-Fi. Also, if you’re watching a video on the phone, you can send it to the television.
  • The Hardware – Sony says it plans to offer Google TV on some of its Bravia TV sets as well as Blu-ray players. Google says those who want to add Google TV to existing television sets will be able to buy a Google set-top box called a Buddy Box that will bring the service to any TV.

If you don’t want to read all the fine print you can also watch this introduction video that gives you a rundown of Google TV and its features.

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Are we the only ones who smell Skynet all over this? At one point during the video we expected it to be interrupted by a transmission from John Connor. Keep your eye on Google, they’re making moves!

What do you think of Google TV? Are you interested in buying the hardware?