The heavens have heard our prayers because after 10 tedious seasons, “Smallville” will finally be over. According to the show’s star Tom Welling, who plays Superman in training Clark Kent, the series will end after next season. The actor was in attendance at a book release party for Jerry Weintraub’s “When I Stop Talking You’ll Know I’m Dead,” when he broke the big news.

According to an exclusive report from HollywoodLife, when asked about “Smallville’s” future Welling stated, “Season 10 of “Smallville” will be the last season.” Thank God! We don’t know how or why it’s been on the air for 9 years but it’s good to know the end in near. The big question is will fans get to see him wear those famous tights and a cape at the end despite their “no tights, no flight” clause?

How do you think the series should end? Could they find a way to bring Lex Luthor back into the picture and have him go toe to toe with Clark? We have to admit that after the show moved to The CW and eventually to Friday nights the quality factor wasn’t the same. Even The Green Arrow (one of our favorite characters) wasn’t enough to keep us on board. We say good luck, and good riddance.

How should the writers wrap up Smallville? What characters should they bring back?