Sean Penn won’t be appearing at this year’s Cannes Film Festival because he’s got some legal issues to attend to (no surprise there). The two-time Academy Award winning actor was supposed to be on hand to debut his new film from director Doug Liman entitled, Fair Game but he won’t be able to make it because he’s due in court.

According to AFP, Penn has been called to testify at a US Senate hearing regarding the Haiti earthquake to speak on the amount of destruction and turmoil he saw while participating in the country’s relief efforts. Penn is just one of many actors and filmmakers who have canceled their appearances at the international film festival.

Cannes opened with Ridley Scott’s latest film, Robin Hood but the director was nowhere in sight because he had to stay home and have surgery on his knee. Then on Monday word spread that French helmer Jean-Luc Godard would be unable to attend the screening of his feature, Film Socialism for an undisclosed reason.

Is Cannes cursed? We always thought it was the most glamorous festival the industry had to offer but this year something must be in the water. People are disappearing left and right, it’s turning into an episode of “Lost” over there!

What do you think of Penn, Godard, and Scott’s absence from the Cannes Festival? Do you think they all had legitimate reasons to be M.I. A.?