If you’re behind on any episodes of this season’s “Lost” we suggest you play catch up because the show is about to be over. The series finale airs on Sunday, May 23rd and the sh*t’s about to hit the fan. For the past few months producers and writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have been hinting at a big payoff during the final episode but quite frankly we’re sick of their teasing.

Thank God the recently unemployed Sarah Silverman took it upon herself to interview the duo and ask the tough questions to get us some real answers…

If they toured the “Sizzle” offices one more time we’re pretty sure our eyes would have started to bleed. That footage was obviously put on a loop and we just couldn’t take anymore. As for the “Lost” related questions, Cuse and Lindelof (as usual) came across as boring and their answers weren’t going anywhere. But then again this entire interview was “improvised” and meant to be a joke. Perhaps, Ms. Silverman should look for a new hobby and leave the “Lost” love to Jimmy Kimmel?

What do you think of Sarah Silverman’s interview with the executive producers of Lost? Did you get any real answers out of it?