In your face Sacha Baron Cohen! Early in March it was revealed that Cohen and “Flight of the Conchords” star Jemaine Clement were both up for the same role in Men In Black III and according to THR, the native New Zealander will play the bad guy in the sequel going up against Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Both Smith and director Barry Sonnenfeld will return for MIB III while Jones and newcomer Josh Brolin are still in negotiations. According to the trade, the film’s story will mostly take place in 1969, which explains Brolin’s casting as the younger version of Agent Kay. Clements on the other hand will play Boris (previously known as Yaz), the film’s villain who’s described as being “charming and creepy at the same time.”

The script for Men in Black III is currently going through revisions so there’s still time for changes to be made regarding the new characters. We’re happy that Clement got the part of the villain instead of Cohen. No offense, but even though Gentlemen Broncos was a so-so film Clement stole the show. We need to see this guy in more movies stat!

What do you think of Clement’s casting in Men in Black III?